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Developing, not training

At Attainment Training we know that training isn't just about sending people to sit on a course. People need stimulating ideas to help them develop.

This part of the website is dedicated to helping improve financial awareness and budgeting skills in your organisation.
   Much as we enjoy sitting in the sun, we don't want you to send your staff just to sit on a course.  Here is where you can access the post course resources to keep developing your financial skills.  And there are also a few freebies even if you haven't been on one of our courses.  Enjoy!


If you have attended a course with Attainment Training, and want to access the post course development resources sign in here, using the password in the course notes.
Members sign in here:

Training Managers

Our aim at Attainmnet Training is to help you in your role as a training manager.  To do that we have some financial resources to help you in your management role, and some training resources that you are free to use within your organisation.

We will keep expanding the range available, so do come back again, and let us know what would help you.

Management resources

Here are the current articles about managing your budget:
You'll want to improve your general management knowledge so your L&D department can help lead the business into success.  If your company is going through a difficult time - and let's face it, who isn't - here are some thoughts about how you might survive recession: Surviving recession.  The bad news is that more businesses go bust coming out of recession than when going into recession.  Managing growth might help you survive the recovery!

Training resources

If you want some financial books for the training library, several are reviewed here: Book reviews

Do your staff want to check their financial knowledge?  Try our budgeting quiz, or our profit and cashflow quiz.

We're developing a number of brief video sessions on a range of financial issues.  Feel free to use these as a training resource within your business:
We've just produced a series of articles about budget management.  Feel free to circulate them if you think they can help budgetholders in your organisation:

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